1. What is the temperature resistance range of the foldable bathtub?

Our folding bathtub is made of PP+TPE.
The temperature resistance range of PP is -4°F-248°F
The temperature range of TPE is -4°F-176°F

2. How to use the folding bathtub?

  • Gently break off the basin legs and unfold the bracket: The bracket design makes the operation easier. You can easily open the basin legs and unfold the entire bathtub bracket.
  • Press down with both hands to fully expand: By pressing down with both hands, the bathtub can be fully expanded to provide you with a spacious bathing space.

3. How to maintain a folding bathtub?

Here are some tips for maintaining your foldable bathtub:
First, make sure your folding tub is completely dry after use and avoid storing it in a wet state.
Secondly, clean the foldable bathtub regularly to prevent dirt accumulation.
Finally, check the support structure of the folding tub before use to ensure its stability and integrity.
Following these maintenance measures can help extend the life of your folding tub.

4. Can the foldable bathtub be used for purposes other than bathing?

Yes, foldable bathtubs can be used for purposes other than bathing.
You can use it as a laundry tub or a storage tub.

5. What is our shipping cost?

For orders within the United States, we use UPS Express to provide shipping service. Each order is subject to a shipping fee of $5. The shipping fee will be displayed on the checkout page.

If the order amount exceeds $100, shipping is free. We do not charge additional shipping tax.